Saturday Circuits for Kids | Electronics Made Easy: Back to Basics! [Afternoon]


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SATURDAY CIRCUITS is BACK!! And yes.. you'll get to bring back home the popular CURIO MORSE CODE Starter Kit (worth $35) & manual too... Sign up by Sunday, 14 August, to enjoy EARLY BIRD offer :)

Have you always wondered what goes into toys that produce lights and sounds? How about what goes into a traffic light which produce sound? Have you ever wanted your kids to learn to be inventors than just users of technology?

In this specially customised introductory course, students will be learn how to design their very own electronic projects from scratch, achieved through learning the fundamentals of electronics and prototyping. They will be learning about electronic components that are used in toys and even in mobile devices.

In this 'Back to Basics' course, they will learn about the MORSE CODE, a form of communication used in World War 2 among the Axis Powers and Allied Forces. By simply using a basic switch, breadboard resistor and buzzer, they get to create their very own Morse Code communication.

Let's go back to basics, and get your kids exposed to the world of Electronics from the Ground Up!

This National Day Special, kids will get to imagine that they are communicating in a war by trying to relay messages over short distances and figure out what the transmitted messages are.

Awesome right! We want kids not to just be users of technology but what they can be inventors of technology. Who knows if one of your kids might be the next Steve Jobs and Bill gates.

We're all surrounded by Electronics and Electricity, yet many do not understand how they work. Often we throw our products when they could be repaired or have its components salvaged. Indeed, such sustainable attitudes start young :)

Guided by M. Ibnur Rashad, an engineer scientist who has built antennas and sensors from scratch, and Gabriel Perumal, an experienced electronics tinkerer who has designed and conducted many courses for young children, you will discover the wonders of electronics and learn them in a fun way!

ABOUT Gabriel Perumal: Gabriel has been highly enthusiastic about learning technology since his diploma in Clean Energy. When he was 10, he broke open his first XBOX and since then, always wanted to know what goes inside the cool gadgets and devices we use in our daily life. Upon graduation, he has been very passionate teaching kids about electronics as he had no one to teach him when he was young. He aspires to become a mentor to younger inventors. He finds empowering children and young inventors through the education of technology really rewarding. He has made cool technical projects like GABBY, a DIY game console where kids can learn how to programme and create their very own game console. He works closely with the Singapore Science Centre to promote the maker spirit.

PRACTICE AT HOME: Yes! You get the popular CURIO MORSE CODE Learner's Starter Kit & manual too...

Designed with hands-on experiences, your child gets to apply what they learn immediately to the CURIO MORSE CODE Learner's Starter Kit (worth $35) with various components like:

1. LED lights

2. buzzer

3. battery

4. resistor

and many more...

To help you carry on guiding your child at home, you get to bring back the prototyping kit, which comes with the manual with key theoretical concepts to prepare your child better for their Science classes or even a career in Science!

Come quickly sign up for 'Electronics Made Easy: Back to Basics!'. If you bring more children, we do have special offers and you get to enjoy savings!

For further clarification, simple email support@groundupinnovation.org or contact 81451343.

Sat Aug 20, 2016
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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Simplifi3D (near Red Dot Design)
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Venue Address
20, Peck Seah Street, #03-00, S079312 Singapore
5 min walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station, right next to Red Dot Museum
Ground-Up Initiative (GUI)